Retail/Mail Network Management Solutions

MedImpact maintains independence from retail, mail and specialty pharmacies, enabling us to manage clients' drug trend effectively and free from any conflict of interest. We work with plan sponsors to develop the optimal channel management strategy for retail, mail-order and specialty dispensing.

For each client, MedImpact examines the pharmacy utilization and determines which pharmacies can be removed from the network to enhance savings and minimize member disruption.


Our credentialed, national network of more than 67,000 retail pharmacies meets access requirements for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Part D programs. MedImpact introduced the 90-day supply of maintenance continuity of pharmacy care for members in their community pharmacies.


We work with selected mail-order pharmacies to help our plan sponsors choose their vendors of choice and manage maintenance medications effectively.


We integrate with five preferred specialty pharmacy solution vendors. The providers we work with have met our certification requirements for providing the highest standards of pharmacy operations, as well as our rigorous guidelines for member service.

Pharmacy Pricing Programs

We contract with pharmacies to offer 340B, GPO, wholesale, or nominal pricing. We have a strong foundation in understanding how these programs can be applied so that you receive the maximum benefits available. Our clinical services team works with clients to develop preferred drug lists that identify therapeutically effective lowest-cost NDCs that maximize savings based on GPO, nominal, or 340B pricing.