Manufacturer Contract Management Solutions

Our philosophy is to remove the barriers that many PBMs set up between clients and pharmaceutical companies. MedImpact surpasses standard rebate programs by offering full disclosure with rebate administration. Armed with solid information, clients' decisions are based on the whole picture, not simply drug expenditure.

Rebate Agreements

MedImpact optimizes clients' drug expenditure by leveraging more than 65 manufacturers. We combine utilization data from all of our clients. This raises overall utilization rates, giving us more power at the negotiation table. Overall pharmacy costs are lowered, and clients' rebate programs are optimized for success. We negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on clients' behalf to provide them with dividends on the most widely used products. Clients are awarded rebate dollars based on their individual performance, not the performance of the entire MedImpact population.

Strong Formulary Foundation

We build strong clinical foundations by implementing a proven formulary. Our standard formulary is specifically designed to complement our rebate contracts. Backed by our National Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee, clients can be sure that safe, effective medications are available. By building clients' foundation with our formulary, they can experience even higher returns.