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MedImpact Launches Mobile Application to Actively Engage Members in Managing Their Medications

SAN DIEGO — March 10, 2015 — MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc., an independent trend-focused Pharmacy Benefit Manager, recently launched a mobile health application that empowers members to be more engaged in their health through personalized medication management.

MedImpact is going beyond traditional means of patient outreach, such as letter-based campaigns and interactive voice response (IVR). MedImpact is putting medication management in the palms of their hands.

The app delivers content to patients about all of the medications they take, including prescriptions, automatically provided through the MedImpact claims data, over-the-counter medications and supplements, which are added by the user. Patients learn about possible drug interactions, receive reliable medication reminders and timely refill alerts to ensure they adhere to their medication regimen.

MedImpact is very excited to be collaborating with Mango Health, which has developed the medication adherence mobile app based on gaming concepts to increase engagement.

"Few in the health industry that we’ve met have demonstrated a more clear vision for how mobile products can deliver better and more affordable outcomes for patient populations than MedImpact, and we are thrilled to be working with them to bring groundbreaking mobile health programs to market,” said Jason Oberfest, Co-founder and CEO of Mango Health. “MedImpact is a leader in developing innovative PBM programs that deliver high clinical quality of care, and we are delighted to bring our mobile platform to market with them."

Key to this innovation in mobile health apps is that members can earn points and rewards by interacting with the app, which results in increased adherence. Medication adherence continues to be a significant area of concern in terms of its impact on both cost and quality care. Current estimates have the largely avoidable healthcare cost attributed to non-adherence at $291 billion annually¹. It is estimated that patients with chronic conditions adhere only to 50-60 percent of medications as prescribed, despite evidence medication therapy improves life expectancy and quality of life.²

“The problems associated with medication adherence can be reduced if we can find innovative, creative ways to engage our members, and this is an app that can help our members remember to order and take their medication as prescribed, which is good for the member, good for our clients, and good for healthcare overall,” Marty Mattei, Pharm.D., Vice President, Clinical Product Innovation & Strategy. “What is so exciting about Mango Health’s mobile app is the gaming foundation upon which it was built – and it works. We want to put it to work for our members.”

As for continued engagement with patients, Mango Health’s application has an 80-percent return rate within 30 days, compared to 48 percent for the industry benchmark for medical apps, 47 percent for the industry benchmark set in games. The 65-percent return rate within 90 days is more than twice as successful than medical apps and games, 27% and 29% respectively.

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About MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. is the nation’s largest privately held pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company, serving health plans, self-funded employers and government entities. Our business model is unique: avoiding conflicts of interest by not dispensing drugs. MedImpact is focused on effectively managing client pharmacy benefits, which results in better trend management and improved outcomes. We work with clients to direct prescribing to the lowest-net-cost, medically appropriate drug. Our number one goal is client satisfaction by providing flexible solutions and consumer-driven products with a focus on lowest net cost and quality outcomes.

Founded in 1989, MedImpact manages pharmacy benefits for more than 50 million lives in the US and abroad. For more information, go to

¹ 1. NEHI. (2008). How Many More Studies Will It Take? A Collection of Evidence That Our Health Care System Can Do Better. Retrieved from Accessed March 2015

² Bosworth HB. Medication adherence: making the case for increased awareness. National Consumers League. Available at Accessed March 2015



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