MedImpact provides you with cutting-edge tools to administer, manage and improve the performance of your drug programs.
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MedAccess® Claims Eligibility & Administration System

MedAccess allows you to manage member eligibility, benefit designs, prior authorizations, claims and appeals and patient case management in real time. MedAccess interfaces with our proprietary, real-time claims adjudication system.

MedOptimize® Reporting Tool

MedOptimize compiles the clinical information you need to quickly identify issues, spot trends and make strategic decisions about your drug plans. You can access pre-defined reports or design custom reports using thousands of data combinations.

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MedResponse® Prior Authorization System

MedResponse provides comprehensive prior authorization (PA)/utilization management. Using an automated rules engine linked to your formulary, MedResponse will automate your therapeutic PA decision process.

Enterprise Formulary System

Enterprise Formulary System (EFS) provides a user-friendly, web-based tool to manage your formulary and utilization management programs in real time.

MedImpact Online Reports

MedImpact Online Reports (MOR) provide secure financial billing and operational data via the web.

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Prior Authorization Request Form

The Medication Request Form is submitted by participating physicians and providers to obtain coverage for formulary drugs requiring prior authorization (PA); non-formulary drugs for which there are no suitable alternatives available; and overrides of pharmacy management procedures such as step therapy, quantity limit or other edits

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