Cost, Quality and Outcomes Management

MedImpact manages healthcare costs and utilization through a variety of innovative strategies, including unique formularies, benefit designs and cost-management tools. Our quality-based solutions are data-driven, grounded in advanced analytics and use an integrative approach.

We provide the national strategy, local customization, and personalized member engagement to help our clients successfully manage the health of their member population. Our clinical services address health and wellness for our clients on all three levels.

Powered by National Strategy

We bring a national perspective, knowing that national standards drive best practices. National guidelines are the framework within which we apply best practices to impact cost and quality outcomes. From a national dialogue of clinicians within our Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee, to our national pharmacy network, a national perspective sets the foundation of our clinical services.

Customized for Local Nuances

We realize that healthcare is practiced locally based on regional characteristics of the population and geography. MedImpact's technology and flexibility allows us to customize our solutions based on the nuances within clients' market segment and plan needs. Analytics and insights set the stage for consultation and collaboration, creating a customized pathway to achieve the best results.

Individualized for Better Health

We believe that individualized interventions at the member level produce optimal clinical and cost outcomes. Opportunities to improve health and reduce costs revolve around individual patients, not programs or distribution channels.By using everything we know about the member, we can deliver the right message at the right time to engage them in making the best possible healthcare choices.