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MedImpact Direct® Implements AdvanceNet Health’s ePostRx™ Software Platform

May 5, 2017

Unique Distribution Model Validates ‘Crafted Source’ Supports Unique Pharmacy Requirements

HUMTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. –– May 5, 2017 ––AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has implemented its ePostRx™ Enterprise Pharmacy Management Software for MedImpact Direct® to use in its mail-order prescription processing. ePostRx™ offers the industry's only single-source, end-to-end, centralized enterprise solution supporting all electronic SCRIPT, prescription management and unique prescription dispensing requirements.

MedImpact Direct, a limited license pharmacy, provides an alternative to traditional pharmacy benefit management (PBM) mail-order fulfillment for health plans managed by MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc., a trend-focused PBM with a unique fulfillment model. MedImpact Direct processes prescriptions for plan members through one source, or a single brand, and helps ensure dispensing is aligned with plan formulary and utilization guidelines across multiple dispensing pharmacies.

ePostRx™ streamlines the process MedImpact Direct uses to manage appropriate fulfillment across dispensing pharmacies that also use the software, which supports its “shared services” distribution model. ePostRx™ adds automation to the prescription-fulfillment process, delivering maximum efficiency to MedImpact Direct.

"After evaluating various software options for pharmacy management, we selected ePostRx™ because of its ability to customize to our unique business model, allowing us to manage fulfillment through multiple partners” said Mark Oswald, VP of Technology for MedImpact Direct. “As a web application, ePostRx™ provides us with an effective enterprise solution that streamlines operations, reduces prescription cost and elevates the levels of service we provide for MedImpact clients and their plan members."

John Strecker, President and CEO of AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Inc. stated, “The successful deployment of ePostRx™ for MedImpact Direct’s unique model validates that our ‘Crafted Source’ business model can support many unique pharmacy dispensing requirements. We’ve proven ePostRx™ offers clients a cost-effective alternative to that of proprietary software and provides flexibility for business growth. We look forward to a very long and rewarding business relationship with our partners at MedImpact Direct."


About AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Inc.
Established in March 2001, AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth or ANS) has built a successful track record of research, development and application of new technologies that target the evolving pharmacy market. Our mission is to be the world's premier pharmacy technology company. Through innovative 'crafted' source solutions and service offerings, our goal is to enable pharmacies to facilitate higher fulfillment volumes, enhance patient care and increased profitably across their business enterprise. The ePostRx™ solution suite assists pharmacies in managing their prescriptions more efficiently responding to such market challenges such as electronic prescribing, various business workflows and skyrocketing prescription volumes. Our solutions support all pharmacy business models, including Electronic Prescribing, Mail Order, Long Term Care, Veterinary and Central Fill business models.

About MedImpact Direct

MedImpact Direct controls cost, utilization and the member experience for mail-order prescriptions through its limited license mail-order pharmacy, and specialty drug utilization through a unique specialty pharmacy program. MedImpact Direct offers highly managed fulfillment through carefully selected participating fulfillment pharmacies for mail and specialty through one source, or a single brand, MedImpact Direct, to help MedImpact members navigate their prescription needs. MedImpact Direct helps ensure dispensing is aligned with each plan’s formulary and utilization guidelines across multiple, competitive dispensing pharmacies, and is keenly focused on appropriate refill management balancing adherence while limiting stockpiling. MedImpact, a trend-focused pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) with a unique fulfillment model, offers MedImpact Direct as an alternative to traditional PBM fulfillment models. For more information, go to:

About MedImpact

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc., an independent, trend-focused pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), is the nation’s largest privately held PBM, serving health plans, self-funded employers and government entities. Our business model is unique. We focus on effectively managing client pharmacy benefits to promote Lower Cost and Better Care through One Source. Our model aligns us with our clients. We help promote prescribing of lower-net-cost, medically appropriate drugs with fulfillment at the most appropriate participating pharmacy providing competitive pricing, good value and high-quality service. Our number-one goal is client satisfaction by providing flexible solutions and member-centric products with a focus on lowest-net cost and quality outcomes. For more information, go to:

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