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AHIP Chooses Medimpact as Select Program PBM Partner

July 22, 2013 Download Press Release

San Diego, CA – July 22, 2013 – MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc., the nation's largest privately held pharmacy benefits manager, has joined America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) as their Select Program pharmacy benefit management (PBM) partner. Membership in AHIP's Select Program is reserved for innovative companies with products and services that effectively meet the needs of health insurance plans in today's rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace.

MedImpact is recognized for offering high-value, market-driven solutions to payers, providers and consumers of healthcare in the U.S. and in target foreign markets. The company's innovative solutions positively influence healthcare outcomes and expenditures to improve its clients' positions in the market.

"AHIP's Member Organizations represent a wide spectrum of organizational size and structure. MedImpact has a history of delivering high quality and consumer-centric PBM services to the scope of our health plan membership. Their thought leadership will be invaluable to both our national and regional health plans and we welcome MedImpact to the AHIP Select Program," stated Charles Stellar, EVP, AHIP.

AHIP will highlight MedImpact's products and services to its members and the healthcare industry as a whole. MedImpact will participate in special promotional events, providing thought leadership to AHIP's constituents as they look to address the challenges in a dynamic healthcare environment.

About MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. (, founded in 1989 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a PBM that combines subject matter expertise with innovative technology and services to deliver better healthcare outcomes and improve its clients' positions in the market. MedImpact provides PBM services to 47 million members of health plans, hospitals and employers in the U.S. and abroad. MedImpact's model is unique: avoiding conflict of interest by not owning mail order or specialty pharmacies and instead deriving revenue from effectively managing client pharmacy benefits. MedImpact's results are quantified through detailed peer analysis, demonstrating how the company can help its clients be market leaders rather than followers.

About AHIP

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is the national trade association representing the health insurance industry. AHIP's members provide health and supplemental benefits to more than 200 million Americans through employer-sponsored coverage, the individual insurance market, and public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. AHIP advocates for public policies that expand access to affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans through a competitive marketplace that fosters choice, quality and innovation.

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