Medicaid Solutions

MedImpact's transparent and clinical business model supports Medicaid program growth and promotes the dispensing of the lowest net cost drugs. Our benefit consultation and clinical support help you manage drug spend to the lowest net cost for every prescription, every time. Cost-saving utilization management strategies are woven into your custom benefit configuration.

Our flexible programs and services support Medicaid programs throughout the country. MedImpact has a long history of supporting diverse Medicaid programs:

  • State Agencies, Systems
  • Local Initiatives
  • County Organized Health Systems
  • Geographic Managed Care
  • Multi-state Medicaid Plans
  • Prepaid Health Plans
  • Specialty Plans
  • Regional Managed Care Plans with Multiple Lines of Business
  • Fully Capitated Health Plan Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)


Expertise in Government Programs

MedImpact's demonstrated knowledge translates into best practices that provide additional savings opportunities for your Medicaid program. Our programs and services are designed to reduce your costs, leverage best practices and improve your overall quality of care. We provide continual regulatory oversight to heighten compliance. Prompt payment, excluded providers, auditing transparency, and fraud, waste and abuse monitoring are integrated into our offering.

Synergy with Medicare Part D

Our Managed Medicaid solutions create a successful synergy with your Medicare Part D population. Our expertise includes:

  • Assisting total care management for high-use groups
  • Supporting care management for special-needs groups
  • Managing dual-eligible member populations


Plan Sponsor Education

Our clinical professionals provide peer-reviewed drug, disease and therapeutic class monographs. Quarterly drug information publications include the Generic Drug Pipeline Report and the Clinical Pipeline® Report. Market opportunities and business trends are addressed in our MedImpact Connect® education series for Medicaid Plan Sponsors.