MedImpact & MIT: Collaborating to Help Pay for Cures

Advancing innovative financing strategies to make cell and gene therapies accessible and sustainable

The era of gene therapies is here. Over the next decade, potentially curative therapies for cancer and many genetic disorders are poised to make groundbreaking, life-saving advances. Single dose treatments promise unprecedented health benefits. But large, single payments will challenge our current healthcare reimbursement system, and policy, regulations, and payers must evolve to enable emerging solutions.

According to the FDA, there are nearly 1,000 gene therapy studies currently underway. By 2025, the FDA expects to be reviewing and approving 10-20 cell and gene therapies. However, these curative treatments come with significant cost challenges for members and payers.

MedImpact is proud to collaborate with the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation FoCUS Project and other industry leaders to help advance innovative financing strategies to help make cell and gene therapies accessible and sustainable.

MedImpact’s Karen Geary, VP of Strategy and Innovation, is an official collaborator of the FoCUS project. She joined Janeen McBride, Principal Government Programs, MIT leaders and other industry experts Feb. 7 on a panel, “Guiding the Future of Pharmacy Benefits: Adapting to Gene Therapy and Ultra High-Cost Drugs to Make Leading-Edge Care Affordable," to discuss performance- and value-based financing solutions to help ensure patient access and system sustainability.

Learn more about how MIT is surveying the financial challenges of sustaining new cell and gene therapies and anticipating coming changes in practice and policy at

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