MedImpact Activates Natural Disaster Response in Wake of Hurricane Michael

MedImpact Activates Natural Disaster Response in Wake of Hurricane Michael

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As Hurricane Michael — the strongest hurricane in history to hit the Florida Panhandle — continues to surge through the Southeast with damaging winds and flood-causing rains, MedImpact is committed to providing natural disaster support to our clients and members.

Leaving a devastating wake of collapsed buildings, damaged hospitals, compromised roads and water systems and more than a million homes and businesses without electricity, the apocalyptic aftermath of Hurricane Michael requires immediate action to coordinate support for members displaced by the hurricane in the Southeast.

Natural Disaster Support on MedImpact Website

MedImpact currently features a message of support on in response to Hurricane Michael and a link to our website specifically designed to help members who need replacement medications. This is available to all members served by MedImpact – and does not require a Member Portal account.

The website provides a simple, accessible format to guide members on how to work with both their current pharmacy and a new pharmacy to obtain replacement medications. The website allows members to quickly and easily:

  • Obtain a list of current medications using only first/last name, DOB and member #
  • Access a user-friendly mobile platform that does not require installing an app
  • See guidelines on natural disaster preparation and how to create a medication list and emergency medication plan
  • Link to Ready.Gov for detailed tips on building an emergency kit
  • Check Rx Open to help find nearby open pharmacies

MedImpact Support for Emergency Overrides

MedImpact provides proactive, comprehensive support to assist members in obtaining replacement medications, including 24/7 call center support to provide individual members emergency overrides to help members to receive their medication without the intervention of the plan or help desk.

Our thoughts and support are with everyone affected by Hurricane Michael. MedImpact teams are here to assist plans and members in every way possible to ensure that every member receives their medication without delay.

Go to to learn more about how to obtain replacement medications and for guidelines on natural disaster preparation. 

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