Industry Healthcare Organizations Come Together to Help Address Coronavirus Challenges

Eighteen healthcare trade associations, ranging from the American Medical Association to PCMA, the national association representing PBMs, united to take collective action on Coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges by authoring a joint letter to Vice President Pence and other members of Congress.

The healthcare associations — some that historically have been at odds with one another —  are now collaborating to put forth immediate actions to address critical needs surrounding COVID-19.

“America faces an unprecedented challenge with COVID-19,” the letter states. “From expanding public health capacity and access to the availability of testing, to taking action to mitigate the economic and societal impact, we know these are serious and significant times. But we also know that immediate, collective action – by the private sector and all levels of government – to address the critical needs of capacity and supply can help resolve this challenge.”

In an unprecedented demonstration of collaboration, the associations outlined potential solutions to immediately increase medical capacity and testing, enhance the national supply of critical medical equipment, protect front-line care providers and lab technicians, and improve treatment for patients.

The group of private sector leaders assert that the following “mission-critical, time-sensitive actions” must be implemented to ensure necessary resources are delivered to our communities most in need:

1. We must ensure a stable, continuous supply of needed medical supplies for clinical labs
and technicians, health care providers and health care facilities.

2. We must strengthen provider capacity and drive patients to appropriate alternative sites of care.

3. We must ensure continued access to critical medications and avoid supply-chain disruptions.

“This moment challenges all of us. We will do everything possible to ensure that the private sector and government collaborate and cooperate on behalf of the American people. We will deliver by working together,” the letter concludes.

You can download the Joint Industry Letter here.

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