An Aligned Partnership Drives Results

An Aligned Partnership Drives Results

MedImpact helps Mercy Health realize $10.5 million in savings

Mercy Health — the largest health system in Ohio — partnered with MedImpact to create aligned pharmacy solutions with a building-block approach to optimize plan design, align formularies, maximize use of their owned delivery channels and control specialty spend.

Mercy’s challenges ranged from channel management limitations that reduced control over their pharmacy spend, to lack of alignment between Mercy’s inpatient and their former PBM’s formularies, to implementing creative solutions to control escalating specialty spend — all of which required flexibility and alignment from their PBM.

Driving Results

MedImpact helped Mercy save $10.5 million:

  • Generated $4.4 million in savings over typical PBM pricing
  • Reduced overall trend by more than 15%
  • Achieved $19 PMPM savings from total solution optimization
  • Increased in-house utilization by 77%


Can a PBM truly be your partner if it’s competing for fulfillment at its own pharmacies?

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