Commercial Managed Care Organization Solutions

MedImpact has strong drug trend management capabilities for commercial Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). Our programs and services will support your growth, help you achieve positive health outcomes and create operational efficiencies for you and your clients.

Achieving Positive Health Outcomes

Our clinical consultative services and operational support equip you with an optimal pharmacy benefit program to improve member health while achieving your desired outcomes.

  • Clinical Customization – The clinical strategies and recommendations that drive your benefit program target your members' and providers' specific needs.
  • Flexible Benefit Programs – Our constant tracking and monitoring ensure your programs improve member adherence and drive to the lowest net cost drug that is medically appropriate.
  • Cost Sharing – We offer multi-tiered cost sharing to align incentives with your desired outcomes.
  • Seamless Implementation – Our detailed implementation process includes a comprehensive toolkit and end-to-end testing to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Coordinated Care – Our tools engage all stakeholders in managing member health and prescription drug utilization.
  • Focus on Member Experience – Our pharmacy management strategies are designed to improve adherence and lower costs with minimal member disruption.


Improving Operational Efficiency

Our single-technology platform and reporting tools provide actionable data in support of your targeted clinical interventions and adherence goals. Our user-friendly tools give you the option of managing your own program, delegating the administration to us, or just sharing in the responsibilities.

  • Easy-to-use Online Tools – We use the tools we make available to you. Our tools are web-based with no major software installations required, decreasing setup and training time.
  • Standard and Ad Hoc Reporting – Our standard and ad hoc reports enable you to demonstrate your clinical results and financial savings in real time.
  • Actionable Data – With our clinical and business intelligence tools, you can easily drill into problem areas. You can use the data to target members and providers with the appropriate actions.