340B Solutions

MedImpact provides innovative pharmacy distribution solutions for the growing market of healthcare safety-net providers serving America's most vulnerable populations. We are fully aware of the 340B regulations and remain up-to-date with 340B program changes.

Comprehensive 340B Program

Through SUNRx, MedImpact offers a fully comprehensive 340B program. The processor-centric model is designed to leverage the current pharmacy infrastructure in place across America. SUNRx works with eligible entities and their specific 340B business needs.

Virtual Inventory

The MedImpact/SUNRx virtual inventory program eliminates the need to maintain separate 340B physical inventories. As medications are dispensed to eligible patients, the system tracks this usage virtually and replenishes drugs to contracted pharmacies at the 340B discount price.

True-up Model

As part of its processor-centric model, SUNRx has established a complete financial reconciliation process, including all invoicing and claims reconciliation. Using the claims data either through the switch or through MedImpact at the point of sale, MedImpact handles all billing and financial reconciliation on behalf of the hospital. SUNRx provides clients with a quarterly true-up report.

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